Public Consultation

We are updating our framework and methodology. For the undergoing public consultation, we welcome public comments from our stakeholders.

Public Consultation

At Acorn, we are committed to ensuring that our credits meet the highest standards of quality, reliability, and transparency. To achieve this, Acorn actively involves all stakeholders in a public consultation process. This process ensures we take all possible factors into account. In collaboration with certifier Plan Vivo, we are inviting your comments on the new Acorn Framework and Methodology.

Among other things, we are introducing ways to include soil carbon sequestration, accounting for harvesting and silvopastoral activities, and redefining the scope of the target group.

The documents are undergoing consultation and have been developed to align with the latest Plan Vivo standards and market practices.

You are welcome to leave comments from 30 May until 30 June 2024. They can be provided via this feedback form. Once completed, the form should be sent to Plan Vivo’s email address acorn@planvivofoundation.org, with the Acorn team in the copy acorn@rabobank.com for further review and action.

By submitting this feedback form, you consent to Acorn publishing your organization's name and feedback on the Acorn website as a summary of public feedback received. Should you prefer, feedback can be provided anonymously; refer to the feedback form for guidance.

Click the links below to download documents related to the public consultation.




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We are opening the floor to public comments from our stakeholders on both our new and existing methodologies. Your insights are invaluable to us!

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