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Watch and share the impact of your contribution with Acorn's Carbon Removal Units. This video features a coffee farmer from Kaderes Peasants Development Plc Tanzania, one of the farmers your transaction has supported.

Your impact with Acorn

By buying 26,000 Carbon Removal Units, Standard Chartered has accomplished much more than offsetting your organization’s CO2 emissions. We put together a small list of what you’ve contributed to:  

  • You’ve helped temporarily remove 26,000 tonnes of CO2e from the atmosphere,

  • You’ve enabled smallholder farmers in Tanzania, Uganda and Côte d'Ivoire more sustainable farming practices –  namely, agroforestry (planting trees on farmland that sequester carbon)

  • You’ve empowered those same farmers to diversify their income stream, leading to more financial independence, climate change resilience, and quality of life 

  • In doing so, you have also helped strengthen local biodiversity and improved soil quality

  • You’ve invested in the farmers’ local communities and economy, boosting their well-being with the assistance of our local partners Kaderes, Solidaridad and Farmstrong Foundation.

Of the €654,000 with which you’ve bought 26,000 CRUs, €523,200 goes directly to the farmers, and €65,400 to our local partners to help them serve their communities. This money allows farmers to fund their children’s education, invest in additional sustainable farming practices, and makes farming a more appealing career choice for the younger generation. 

How’s that for seed money? 

Kaderes' agroforestry project

This map shows you satellite data of one of the agroforestry projects your transaction has contributed to: Kaderes Peasants Development Plc Tanzania. Zoom into the map or click 'Explore climate change data' to see this project's latest data.

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Your impact stats

To date, Standard Chartered has purchased 26,000 CRUs with Acorn, covered 80,317 hectares, and has supported 2,522 smallholder farmers across Tanzania, Uganda and Côte d'Ivoire.

Last updated August 24, 2023

Desidery receiving its first CRU payment at an Acorn and Kaderes payout ceremony Tanzania

About Acorn

We help support smallholder farmers in developing countries transition to agroforestry. Together with local partners, we facilitate the funding and training needed by farmers to start their agroforestry transition. Transforming the sequestered CO2 through agroforestry into Carbon Removal Units (CRUs), we offer carbon credits to responsible corporates to help them reach their climate goals. The growth of the trees is measured with satellite imagery, AI and LiDAR, and certified by ICROA-accredited Plan Vivo.  

With 80% of the sales revenue going directly to the farmers, it creates an additional income stream and helps them adopt a more climate-resilient way of farming that improves food security, biodiversity, and financial independence. 

Our Approach

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