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How Acorn makes a difference

Our carbon credit agroforestry projects improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers in developing countries.

23,919 farmers supported

The biomass (e.g. trees) planted by farmers sequesters, or stores, excess atmospheric carbon.

116,169 CRUs issued

The carbon removal units we sell to organizations are high-quality and consistently monitored.

59,589 ha covered

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With agroforestry, farmers grow trees on land used for crops or livestock. As trees grow, carbon is sequestered from the atmosphere. The quality of the land improves, the farmer’s income increases, and biodiversity is restored.

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Technology is what makes our mission possible in the first place. Using LIDAR and satellite imagery, we check if the biomass on farmers' land is increasing. It's quick, it's verifiable, and it's scalable.

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Carbon offsetting

When biomass increases, we issue a carbon removal unit (CRU). These CRUs are transparent in origin and traceable. Every CRU we issue represents measured and measurable increased biomass, that we regularly check up on.

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Financial support encourages smallholder farmers to plant trees, co-benefits encourage large corporates to invest in carbon removal units. So doing the right thing is as straightforward and profitable as possible for everyone.

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Fostering a better future around the globe

Cutting-edge technology enables us to keep close tabs on our projects worldwide. Taking the guesswork out of carbon reduction, all while investing in biodiversity as well as local communities.

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