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Acorn is Rabobank's response to climate change, a threat that affects us all, but that disproportionately disadvantages smallholder farmers in developing countries. Like everything we do, our solution is rooted in common sense, in down-to-earth practicality. 

Our collective actions have created an excess of carbon in our atmosphere. Planting biomass, such as trees, can recapture that carbon. That's why we help smallholder farmers to transform their agricultural practices into more sustainable ones through agroforestry. 

Agroforestry also improves soil quality and crop yield. The only thing holding back smallholder farmers is perceived risk and delayed reward. So we're mitigating those factors and paving the way for a greener, cooler, more sustainable planet. 

We turn the CO2 that is sequestered through agroforestry into carbon credits to be sold on the voluntary carbon market or as insetting units within supply chains. We developed an innovative and scalable method for measuring, certifying, and monetizing the biomass growth of planted trees and turning that growth into Carbon Removal Units (CRUs). The CRUs (or carbon credits) are sold to organizations with strong emission reduction commitments. To close the loop, 80% of the income of every sold CRU flows back to the original smallholder.

Meet the team

Jelmer van de MortelHead of AcornLinkedin
Martine JansenHead of PartnershipsLinkedin
Eline KajimHead of CertificationLinkedin
Paul van BalenHead of PlatformLinkedin
Mila LulevaHead of Remote SensingLinkedin
Emma van de VenStrategy & Research LeadLinkedin
Ineke KeersHead of Business DevelopmentLinkedin
Margreet MuizebeltFinance LeadLinkedIn
Maarten RijnbergMarketing LeadLinkedin
Ruben SpruitDigital LeadLinkedin
Harm HaverkortPartnership Lead AsiaLinkedin
Joost HamelinkPartnership Lead AfricaLinkedin
Sicco StortelderParternship Lead Latin AmericaLinkedin
Dave VerkaikForest Data ProfessionalLinkedin
Jacklyn WilbrinkMonitoring and Reporting SpecialistLinkedin
Max BerkelmansBusiness Consultant FinanceLinkedIn
Paola López VargasAccount ManagerLinkedin
Julia PetersAccount ManagerLinkedin
Kyle NielsenInnovation ConsultantLinkedin
Laura WoolsRemote Sensing Specialist GISLinkedin
Xi ZhuRemote Sensing Data ScientistLinkedin
Jasper SnellenAccount ManagerLinkedin
Daan VelsinkProject ManagerLinkedin
Tom HoogervorstProduct OwnerLinkedin
Sebastian Paolini van HelfterenRemote Sensing SpecialistLinkedin
Tijmen LaanBusiness Innovation AnalystLinkedin
Sharine MertensAccount ManagerLinkedin
Anne-Lot KemnaAccount ManagerLinkedin
Laura Zanchi da SilvaCarbon Monitoring and Reporting SpecialistLinkedin
Santiago GallegoCarbon Monitoring & Reporting SpecialistLinkedin
Hanna Choa YuGovernment Affairs and Carbon Legislation ManagerLinkedin
Chris HulsProject ManagerLinkedin
Claudio AusiliData EngineerLinkedin
Cathy TranAccount ManagerLinkedin
Lynn VelraedsSenior Operations SpecialistLinkedin
Yaqing GouRemote Sensing Data Specialist Linkedin
Konstantinos BampanikosRemote Sensing Data SpecialistLinkedIn
Koen van GilstLead Frontend DeveloperLinkedIn
Etse LossouGIS AnalystLinkedIn
Marta Radinovic LukicAccount ManagerLinkedIn
Isabel van BemmelenSr. Business Development ManagerLinkedIn

Can our morning cup of coffee help capture carbon? Acorn is the world's first direct trade platform that allows companies and consumers to offset their emissions through agroforestry on smallholder farms without middlemen. In Quinchia, Colombia, we find out how smallholder farmers like Rosa can take part in global emission trading schemes and improve their income. BBC StoryWorks created this short documentary, introducing us to Rosa's life as a coffee farmer. Like her parents and grandparents before her, Rosa has dedicated her life to farming coffee, taking pride in her produce. But as climate change decimates harvests, it's time for farmers like Rosa to adapt to climate change in a way that benefits her not just in the future, but right now.

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