Remote sensing

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Collect ground truth data locally

Planting forests is a proven, effective, and scalable means of removing carbon from the atmosphere. But how do you know whether trees were planted? It starts with local data, collected on-site in collaboration with the local community. This data contains tree measurements, quantities, plant species, biomass, altitude, and more.


Correct local data with LiDAR

After collecting data on-site, planes equipped with LiDAR cameras record the area to verify and correct the numbers and dimensions of plants in the area.


Calculate biomass

Based on this verified data, we can calculate the average biomass per 100m2 in the region. Once we know the amount of biomass, we know how much carbon is stored (or sequestered) within it.


Gather satellite images

Now that we know the average amount of biomass present in the area, we gather satellite images. With the knowledge of the average biomass and the size of the land available, we create a data model to predict the amount of carbon that is sequestered.


Generate CRUs from biomass increase

As plants grow on the land, each CRU represents 1 tonne of CO2. To do so, we establish the baseline biomass and next year's delta (or growth) for the plot. The baseline is corrected for pre-existing trees on the land, and the delta of biomass is corrected using several correction factors (such as leakage, pre-project trees and uncertainty). After all that, the CO2 sequestration is calculated, finally enabling us to issue CRUs.

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Growing support for local communities

Technology enables us to scale effectively. This means we can start more and more projects with local farmers, helping local communities and restoring biodiversity.

Learn about co-benefits


Geo-data can be gathered in a multitude of ways, but we focus on technologically advanced methods. This results in real-time information which enables quick decision-making and scalable growth to combat climate change and empower more smallholder farmers.

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