Farmer Payments

What factors impact farmer payments?

To make it simpler for you to understand and better explain Acorn payments, we've put together 'Farmer Payment' training material. Below, you'll find two different packages: one titled 'Train the Trainer' for educators and facilitators, and another titled 'For the Farmer', designed for distribution to farmers. You are free to adapt and use the material as you see fit for your local community.

'Train the Trainer' Package

The video below is created to assist you, our local partner, in delivering clear and accurate explanations of farmer payments to your peers, training staff, field officers and farmers themselves.

You are free to download the video, key points, accompanying powerpoint presentation and animated GIFs for use in any Acorn-related training sessions or meetings.

For added convenience, subtitles are available directly on the Youtube video.

Explainer video

Do you need support explaining Acorn payments to your farming communities? In this video, Jasper Snellen (Acorn's Africa Partnerships Manager) will help address the question “What factors impact a farmer’s payment?”

  • Download 1080p video file (Quality: 720p | 540p | 360p)

  • Video text summary (English | Español)

Farmer Payment Poster

We have also created a printable A3 and A4-sized poster, based on the video explainer and its animations. This material may be helpful during training sessions where digital material is not available.

The zip file includes an A3 PDF (color), A4 PDF and JPEG files (in color and B&W). If the file is too big for you to download, you can request individual files with your account manager.

Please let your Account Manager know if you should like a version adapted to your region and language.

  • Farmer Payment Infographic/Poster (English)

  • Farmer Payment Infographic/Poster (Español)

'For the Farmer' package

This collection of materials is specifically designed to be shared with farmers directly, offering clear explanations about Acorn payments.


We've created a GIF that can easily be shared with farmers through various channels, such as WhatsApp or Project Council Meetings. The primary goal is to visually convey to farmers the importance of tree growth within the Acorn program, highlighting its role in qualifying for carbon income.

These GIFs have been adapted to different regions to ensure relevance and clarity. If your region is missing and you would like to use a region-specific adaptation, please contact your Account Manager.


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