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Meghalaya, India

India – IORA

In the state of Meghalaya (in northeastern India), smallholder farmers are combating degradation and deforestation while realizing a sustainable livelihood, with IORA Ecological Solutions and Acorn.

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Meghalaya, a state in the northeast of India, is under great pressure of degradation and deforestation. Agricultural expansion, population growth, poverty, and climate change are major contributing factors to this.

The region is home to diverse native flora, including orchids, bamboo, and living root bridges, while its forests house a variety of wildlife like clouded leopards, Asian elephants, and various bird species, contributing to its ecological significance.

By supporting smallholder farmers to plant timber trees among their cash crops (mainly turmeric, maize, and ginger), large-scale adoption of agroforestry is made possible. This enables farmers to diversify their income developing resilience against climate risks (and market risks), creating long-term benefits for both their livelihood and their environment.

Acorn’s local partner, IORA, is collaborating with the MBDA (Meghalaya Basin Development Authority) and the state forest department to carry out on-ground implementation of the agroforestry project, such as establishing seed banks and nurseries.

Full project documentation available upon request.

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