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Jalalabad, Osh, Batken, Issy Kul, Chui, Talas, Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan - AFoCO

In Kyrgyzstan, farmers are (re)planting forests to improve their livelihoods and restore this fertile country. Find out how Acorn and AFoCO (the Asian Forest Cooperation Organization) supported them.

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This project aims to promote sustainable food productivity improvement by integrating mixed trees, shrubs and crops into landscape restoration. This should increase farmers’ income, adapt and build resilience to climate change, and reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions in line with national development priorities for ecological, economic, and social benefits.

Many people in Kyrgyzstan rely on agriculture for sustenance as well as income, yet desertification has left many farmers living under the poverty line. Agroforestry is a solution to both of these problems.

The climate in Kyrgyzstan varies dramatically within the country, ranging from sharp continental to an almost oceanic climate due to the complex mountainous topography and the presence of Lake Issyk-Kol.

As a result, cash crops and potential agroforestry designs depend on the specific region, but include fodder, (water)melon, tomato, cucumber, saffron, herbs, potato, corn, berries, and beans as cash crops, and fruit-bearing or nut-bearing trees as well as other trees (e.g. poplar and paulownia) for wind-breaking and timber harvesting, as well as to provide fencing to keep livestock in (or out).

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