Mila Luleva on Agerpoint's The Point Cloud

Recently, Mila Luleva (Acorn's head of remote sensing) was invited for an interview on Agerpoint's podcast The Point Cloud. Together with host James Kotecki, she discussed just how technology is vital as we pursue sustainability. Give the interview a listen here!

Agerpoint is a US-based company developing tools that enable you to capture ground truth for crops and forests, providing insights that support sustainability and climate solutions. All you need is something most people already own: a smartphone.

Combining an app with a cloud platform, their data tools are varied in their applications: planning harvests, evaluating biodiversity, assessing crop health, and even tracking wildfire risk. And all of this in a way that's scalable and reliable. That's the added value of technology, after all.

As part of the same broader mission, we too make use of technology to gather and validate data regarding crops and trees. From LiDAR to satellites, it's advanced technology that makes our mission viable in the first place. Curious? Find out all about how we employ remote sensing and monitoring here.

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