How to explain Acorn

To smooth the path for understanding and sharing Acorn's story with field officers, lead farmers, and farmers, we've curated a selection of resources. From video explainers to lively animations and clear infographics, you'll find it right here.

'Train the Trainer' Package

Video explainer

Will be updated soon


  • Video download (Vimeo) - Will be updated soon

  • Script (EN) - Will be updated soon

  • Powerpoint (EN) - Will be updated soon

  • Poster (EN) - Will be updated soon

  • Animation download 1080p (EN), 360p (EN)

'For the Farmer' package


To help explain Acorn to famers, we've created a infographic containing the most important parts of the Acorn program. We also created a specific version for community projects. If you need a localized version (language, logo), please contact your account manager.


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