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Andhra Pradesh, India, India

India - Accion Fraterna Ecology Centre

In India's Anantapur district, smallholder farmers are working with Acorn and Accion Fraterna Ecology Centre (AFEC) to improve their livelihoods.

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This project aims to promote livelihood security, self-reliance, and human dignity for smallholder farmers. It does so by going through their institutions, encouraging women to lead, and promoting drought-climate resilient agroecology, agri-processing, and non-farm livelihoods.

Collaborating with Accion Fraterna Ecology Centre (AFEC), Acorn is empowering farmers in 15 mandals (a local administrative unit facilitating self-government). With AFEC as our local partner organizing community meetings, local farmers are familiarizing themselves with agroforestry, appropriate plant species, and the concepts of carbon sequestration and carbon markets — the latter two being unfamiliar to many farmers to-be-onboarded.

As an entirely agrarian area, the Anantapur district is particularly vulnerable to climate change with its arid, drought-prone conditions. Severe drought and soil erosion threaten an already vulnerable population. Low food productivity-induced poverty and the lack of non-agricultural employment opportunities force many men to migrate to urban areas to earn money for their families.

Starting in 2018, AFEC enabled farmers in the region to transition to agroforestry and plant mangos, sweet limes, tamarind, and guava (among others) on their land, diversifying both their income and their diet, and opening up the voluntary carbon market for them to acquire additional income.

Full project documentation available upon request.

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