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Chisamba and Kapiri Mposhi Districts, Zambia, Zambia

Zambia - One Acre Fund

One Acre Fund is our local partner in Zambia’s Central Province, empowering smallholder farmers to transition to agroforestry through training and initial financing.

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One Acre Fund (or OAF), originally founded in Kenya in 2006, has been active in Zambia since 2015. With plenty of experience in implementing agroforestry and seedling distribution programs, an extensive network of full-time Field Officers, and even an anonymous hotline for farmers to raise concerns regarding these Field Officers, OAF is a great local partner for Acorn in the region.

Currently, OAF and Acorn are running a pilot project involving 1,700 smallholder farmers (most of whom focus on soybeans, maize, and legumes). Should this pilot prove successful, OAF’s network in Zambia consists of another 15,000 farmers who could be enrolled (if eligible).

Each farmer is transitioning 1 hectare from a monocropping practice into an agroforestry model. This cultivated cropland currently has little to no existing biomass and is well-suited for agroforestry, which should lead to improved soil fertility and crop yields, reduced soil erosion, improved air quality, and reduced dependence on chemical fertilizers, while sequestering carbon and securing additional income from CRUs sold. This resulting additional income should increase the accessibility of nutritious foods.

With OAF providing tree seedlings and shrub seeds through a large number of decentralized tree nurseries, as well as training regarding land preparation, planting, and seedling maintenance, they are lowering the accessibility barrier for farmers to successfully take part in Acorn.

Full project documentation available upon request.


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