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Piura, San Martin, Amazonas, and Cajamarca, Peru

Peru – Norandino

In four regions of Peru, Norandino works in direct contact with cacao and coffee farmers, helping them set up and improve their agroforestry systems.

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Peru, a country with rich biodiversity and extensive forests, faces significant deforestation pressures in several regions, each with unique challenges. Factors such as agricultural expansion by smallholder farmers, commercial and extensive agriculture, cattle grazing, and illegal logging contribute to this degradation. Economic hardships compel farmers to clear more land, and in regions like Piura and San Martin, the demand for agricultural land has led to extensive forest loss. In Amazonas, human settlement and uncontrolled agricultural expansion, especially in protected areas, have exacerbated the issue.

To combat these challenges, Norandino, in collaboration with Acorn, has been proactive in promoting sustainable agricultural practices among smallholder farmers, particularly those cultivating cacao and coffee. Starting over 20 years ago in Piura, Norandino's initiatives have since expanded to include San Martin, Amazonas, and Cajamarca. The approach focuses on establishing and enhancing agroforestry systems, which integrate native tree species with agricultural crops, thereby fostering biodiversity and reducing the reliance on forest resources.

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